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Flexible, Affordable Pricing

As your website or services develop and change so will your monitoring requirements – With packages to cover as little as monitoring 1 page up to our Enterprise package there is something to meet every need.  Monitors/Options can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Global Monitoring Network

With our Global Website Monitoring Network you will be able to monitor your site from around the globe helping you to understand what is the experience and service being received for your clients around the world.  Monitor from 1 or multiple locations.

Root Cause Analysis

A conventional downtime alert will consist of the start time, end time, location and duration of the instance. While these info is good to act immediately on down instances, a more detailed analysis will help you to zero-in on the exact reason that triggered a downtime.

Instant Alerts

Troubleshoot any unplanned downtime quickly with instant alerts via SMS, Email, Twitter, RSS feeds or Push Notifications(for Android handsets), ensuring you receive alerts wherever you are.  Set up who receives what alerts and when.

Our Services

Website Performance Monitoring

Website Performance Monitoring Optimize the performance of your websites and take steps to improve the end-user experience.

Web Application Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring Keep track of the performance of multi-step web applications or business transactions.

Website Availability Monitoring

Website Availability Monitoring Ensure your websites and servers are up and running well across the world.

Website Busy Hours Report

Website Busy Hours Report Track website/server performance during internet peak time

Website Log Report

Website Log Report Consolidated report across global locations

Web Page Defacement Monitoring

Web Page Defacement Monitoring Check if your webpage content has been modified. Check phrases, images and script counts

Website Downtime Report

Website Downtime Report Gain insight into website downtimes across global locations

Website Summary Report

Website Summary Report View comprehensive reports for website and server performance

Website Outage Report

Website Outage Report Obtain a good third party perspective about your website uptime/outages.

Website Response Time Report

Website Response Time Report Monitor your web page loading times. Compare monitors to help understand issues and performance.

Website Trend Report

Website Trend Report Understand the availability trend of your websites and web apps over a given period

Website Monitoring Reports

Website Monitoring Reports Gain useful insight into website and server performance and observe possible trends through our wide range of reports

Web Page Analysis using Real Browser

Web Page Analysis using Real Browser Track and analyse the component slowing down your web page

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts Be the first to know if there are problems. React quickly before your users are affected.

SLA Management

SLA Management Define rules for your service-level agreements and track their compliance.

Global Network

Global Network Monitor your servers from 40+ geographical locations worldwide.